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About us

Technical and business translation Data processing
  • Typing and transcription
  • Conversion of files into different formats
  • Library computerization
  • Barcode software solutions

Social responsibility

Terminology: The exact translation of technical terms constitutes a crucial element in the translation industry. Upon the request of the client, we can provide a glossary of the translation of the terms that we consider as being technically relevant. We can also use a glossary provided by the client or build a glossary based on information given by the client or other reliable sources.

Translation memory tools: We have various translation memory tools which allow a faster translation of similar files (for instance, financial statements belonging to three consecutive years). These tools allow for a faster translation of sections that are the same or similar and they highlight the differences in the sections, making it easier to adapt the phrases that underwent small alterations.

Software: Throughout the years, we acquired licenses of different versions of various programs that aid the translation process.

  • SDL Trados Studio 2011
  • SDL Trados Studio 2009
  • SDL Trados 2007 Suite
  • SDL Trados 2006
  • DéjàVu X Professional
  • Translation Workspace
  • Microsoft Office 2010, 2007
  • Adobe InDesign CS6, CS3
Tel: (+351) 22 954 5384 Email: espinoza@mail.telepac.pt or info@Linguas.com. Other contact details.