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About us

Technical and business translation Data processing
  • Typing and transcription
  • Conversion of files into different formats
  • Library computerization
  • Barcode software solutions

Social responsibility

Social responsibility: Our collaborators have large experience in helping people in need. This help is given with 3 goals:

  • To give help to those who need it most (food bank, payment of electricity and water bills, legal help, etc.)
  • To get to know these people’s problems so as to propose measures to increase the efficiency of welfare benefits
  • To gain experience that allows us to propose a few practices, which increase the efficiency of aid given, to other institutions

Spread awareness of the best practices: We are very happy to transmit to other companies and institutions our experience in this area. We organize free sessions about this subject in the district of Oporto (or, depending on help with expenses, in other districts).

Countries: We give support in Portugal and in other countries in Latin America where Spanish is spoken.

Tel: (+351) 22 954 5384 Email: espinoza@mail.telepac.pt or info@Linguas.com. Other contact details.