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About us

Technical and business translation Data processing
  • Typing and transcription
  • Conversion of files into different formats
  • Library computerization
  • Barcode software solutions

Social responsibility

About us We are a team of translators of various nationalities with over 20 years of experience in translation and consultancy for companies and institutions. Our teamwork and specialization allow us to offer an excellent price-quality relationship. We also work with typists and an IT technician who assure rigorous formatting of the projects and the adequate preparation of the source files for translation.

Although translation is our main activity, the diversity of our skills has allowed us to carry out projects in complementary areas or even distinct areas, namely data processing and consultancy.

Skills: Apart from the fact that various colleagues are translation graduates, we also have collaborators who are qualified in economy, sociology, psychology, operational research and law (including taxation, bank, stock exchange and insurance laws).

Corporate form: The team consists of a commercial company with headquarters in Portugal and a team of 5 employees, who are on ongoing contracts, various freelancers in Portugal and Spain and a company with headquarters in Central America.

Quotes: You can request a quote without any commitment by sending us the source file or a sample of it. For projects in other areas (data processing, terminology, consultancy, etc.) you can send us an email or fax or telephone us and we will promptly send you a free, no commitment quote.

Countries: We have local companies and agents in Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. We also have a team of permanent or sporadic collaborators in other countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Tel: (+351) 22 954 5384 Email: espinoza@mail.telepac.pt or info@Linguas.com. Other contact details.