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About us

Technical and business translation Data processing
  • Typing and transcription
  • Conversion of files into different formats
  • Library computerization
  • Barcode software solutions

Social responsibility

Quotes: Send us the source file and we will give you a free quote. If you choose to send us a sample, it should be representative of the whole text, regarding the subject area and the level of difficulty of the language. For instance, for a project of 10 thousand words you can send us a sample of 500 words, informing us that it is 5% of the total word count. For our more regular clients we have a per word translation rate that allows them to calculate the total price of the translation when they send us the translation request.

Areas of specialization: As we have a large team of Portuguese, Spanish and Galician translators we accept translation projects in many subject matters in these languages. In the other language pairs, the specializations we offer are more limited and as such, in some cases we may recommend another company to carry out the translation project. The areas in which we have more experience are the following:

  • Translation of financial statements
  • Financial and accounting translations
  • Translation of registries and notary
  • Legal translations
  • Translation of KIID and issue prospectuses
  • Translations for public tenders
  • Translations for the tourism sector and museums
  • Translations for the energy sector
  • General and business translation
Tel: (+351) 22 954 5384 Email: espinoza@mail.telepac.pt or info@Linguas.com. Other contact details.